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    Stress Free Zone

    Please join us for more than a week of stress relieving activities around finals week!

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    It’s Okay not to Drink Shirts are in!

    Get your new IT’S OKAY NOT TO DRINK T-Shirt starting 10/8! Come to Jungle Jam on 10/9 for the exclusive Good Sam T-shirt! T-Shirt Giveaway Our outreach groups will have 40 shirts to give out on the Lifestyles Center Red Wagon. Giveaways at The Lifestyles Center : Thursday, 10/08, 10:30am-11:30pm Monday, 10/12, 11:00am-12:00pm Tuesday, 10/13, […]

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    It’s Okay Not to Drink

    Check out our video ad about binge drinking and let us know what you think.

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    Hump Day

    Every Wednesday you can get 15 latex condoms for $1. That deal is unbeatable.

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    ‘Stache the Ash!

    If you’ve attended a school for the past 50-plus years you undoubtedly know that using tobacco products can cause health problems like cancer and emphysema. It’s not healthy. We at the Lifestyles Center at SUNY Oswego have chosen to focus on why we choose not to use tobacco products. In conjunction with Movember, we have decided […]

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    Open Mic Fall 2015

    We Give Students Space Sometimes you need a place to go to unwind, relax and see friends. That’s why every Thursday night at 7pm  The Lifestyles Center sponsors an open mic night in the Penfield Library Café. Stop down to play music, read poetry, beatbox, tell jokes, or entertain the crowd in any way you […]

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    The Lifestyles Center

    The Lifestyles Center provides a multitude of resources and activities to the students, staff, faculty and community in and around SUNY Oswego.

Lifestyles Center Blog

Friday - Preview


With the semester quickly coming to a close, events are sparse. This is especially true with Thanksgiving Break in full swing. Enjoy time with your family in your final weekend before the last week of classes. Be present with whatever you are doing and after the holiday start to prepare for the last stretch of […]



With the holidays fast approaching, many of us (myself included) cannot wait to be sitting around the table with our families. All anyone can talk about this time of year is the various traditions they have throughout the holidays. From all of the food, drinks, and desserts we are going to be eating to the […]

Wednesday Humpday


You’ve got to love WebMD (queue sarcasm). Anyone can go on that site and confuse a slight cough with pneumonia. However, taking this into consideration, and cautiously approaching the website, an article by WebMD, that discusses how anyone can change their eating for the better, is helpful. The article talks about the small steps that […]

Tuesday - Recipe


It’s time to stop eating plain oatmeal! Let’s put some colors and nutrient to our daily breakfast. Fruity Oatmeal is a simple recipe that includes delicious fruits and granola. Those extra ingredients in your oatmeal will make your morning totally different. The crunchy tastes of granola in your mouth combine with delicious fruits are totally […]

People rush into Macy's department store as they open at midnight (0500 GMT) on November 23, 2012 in New York to start the stores' "Black Friday" shopping weekend. AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA


Black Friday has become an American tradition during the holiday season fortunately or unfortunately. Thousands of people congregate at their local malls and shopping centers the day after Thanksgiving to take advantage of some severely discounted prices. It’s a great opportunity for college kids that are strapped for cash and can’t afford extravagant gifts for […]