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    It’s Okay Not to Drink

    Check out our video ad about binge drinking and let us know what you think.

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    Hump Day

    Every Wednesday you can get 15 latex condoms for $1. That deal is unbeatable.

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    ‘Stache the Ash!

    If you’ve attended a school for the past 50-plus years you undoubtedly know that using tobacco products can cause health problems like cancer and emphysema. It’s not healthy. We at the Lifestyles Center at SUNY Oswego have chosen to focus on why we choose not to use tobacco products. In conjunction with Movember, we have decided […]

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    Open Mic Fall 2014

    We Give Students Space Sometimes you need a place to go to unwind, relax and see friends. That’s why every Thursday night at 7pm  The Lifestyles Center sponsors an open mic night in the Penfield Library Café. Stop down to play music, read poetry, beatbox, tell jokes, or entertain the crowd in any way you […]

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    The Lifestyles Center

    The Lifestyles Center provides a multitude of resources and activities to the students, staff, faculty and community in and around SUNY Oswego.

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It’s almost time for Thanksgiving Break! And you know what that means…FOOD. These next few days are the perfect time to get cooking. Cook these mini pot-pies for your family and friends, and tell them how thankful you are for them. These Mini Pot Pies can easily be shared and enjoyed. Ingredients 2 packages of […]



The Lakers played SUNY Brockport this past Friday. The game was a tie at 4-4. As always, the seats were filled and the crowd was lively! Del Sarte held its recital this weekend on Friday and Saturday. It featured over 50 dances in the styles of Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and more. All numbers were […]