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    It’s Okay Not to Drink

    Check out our video ad about binge drinking and let us know what you think.

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    Hump Day

    Every Wednesday you can get 15 latex condoms for $1. That deal is unbeatable.

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    ‘Stache the Ash!

    If you’ve attended a school for the past 50-plus years you undoubtedly know that using tobacco products can cause health problems like cancer and emphysema. It’s not healthy. We at the Lifestyles Center at SUNY Oswego have chosen to focus on why we choose not to use tobacco products. In conjunction with Movember, we have decided […]

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    Open Mic Spring 2015

    We Give Students Space Sometimes you need a place to go to unwind, relax and see friends. That’s why every Thursday night at 7pm  The Lifestyles Center sponsors an open mic night in the Penfield Library Café. Stop down to play music, read poetry, beatbox, tell jokes, or entertain the crowd in any way you […]

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    The Lifestyles Center

    The Lifestyles Center provides a multitude of resources and activities to the students, staff, faculty and community in and around SUNY Oswego.

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Friday 2/27 What: Circle Mirror Transformation Play February 27th- March 8th When: At 7pm. Where: The theater in Hewitt Union. Description: Tickets for students are $7 at the box office.   What: Cards Against Seneca. When: From 8-10pm. Where: Seneca Hall 1st floor Lounge. Description: Play cards against humanity with friends.   What: Masquerade Casino […]


SURVIVOR SERIES: How to survive that 8 AM class

Every college student tries to avoid the dreaded 8 am class like the plague.  After all who would want to get up before everyone else on campus? Unfortunately most of us will end up taking one at some point in our college careers. These classes aren’t all bad once you get the hang of them. […]



Recently a student from India living in Hart Hall was accused of raping another student in the dorms. The student from New Delhi, India was charged with first-degree rape, a class B felony. He is currently being held in the Oswego County jail and is placed on $50,000 bail. He is scheduled for a court hearing […]