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Climbing Fridays at The Wall

free-fridays-at-the-wall-tour-posterDid you know that Oswego is home to Central New York’s ONLY Bouldering Gym? It’s called The Wall and we’ve teamed up with them to get you climbing for FREE! That means FREE admission, FREE shoe rental, FREE chalk, and a FREE lesson if it’s your first time. Yeah, it’s pretty rad.

We even went the extra mile to make sure you’re comfortable showing up on the first day. When we asked people who are interested in climbing why they haven’t tried it yet, the most common answer was, “I don’t know if I have the upper body strength to climb and I don’t want a bunch of buff climbers judging me.” Even though you don’t need to be buff to be a climber and even though no one will judge you, we wanted to make it easier for you.

We have 2 sessions every Friday that are just for people who are just getting started out in climbing. That way you can learn while surrounded with people who are all on the same level. You can come from 5-7 or from 7-9. Space is limited every week so you’ll need to register ahead of time.



What to bring and what to wear:

  • SUNY Oswego ID (must be presented for entry).
  • We recommend loose pants to protect your legs. Yoga pants are fine.
  • If its cold outside, bring a sweatshirt.
  • We’ll take care of everything else (shoes and chalk). : FACEBOOK Page for The Wall